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Move to New Location, PT Chakra Jawara Open National Distribution Center

As a form of commitment to provide maximum service for all customers, PT Chakra Jawara (CJ) built a national distribution center facility in Cakung, East Jakarta. Besides being a service center, this facility is also a center for skill development not only for CJ employees, but also for technicians and operators.

The facility, named the National Distribution Center (NDC), was officialy open on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 by CJ Director, Teophilus Bambang Wira.

With the area of 6,000 m2, where there are two warehouse facilities, a special part warehouse with an area of 400 M2, able to accommodate 6,000 line items. The second warehouse is for unit warehouse with an area of 4,000 m2.

Complete with 3 workbays, with component reconditioning facilities (CRC) as well. In NDC facility there are also 3 floors building for office and training center, for maximize the support of service for customers, but also alocated for center of developing the expertise of technicians and operators.

In his speech at the Opening Ceremony of NDC Cakung, Bambang Wira committed to continue provide services to customers so that they are handled faster, especially regarding component needs.

In this event, Bambang Wira did not forget to thank the support of all participants so that the development of this NDC can stand tall in order to providing maximum service can be realized.

CJ hope with the presence of Cakung NDC, component problems and other services can be resolved quickly, so that customer operations are not interrupted and production can run smoothly according to the declared target.